How We Started

darryl-grayson Nia and Kwame in Library

Tell Me Who I Am is the brainchild of Darryl Grayson, a former BET executive who wanted to combine his expertise in media and entertainment, his passion for education, and his love for children into a force that would develop programming to inspire children 2-11. 


The Journey Begins

Drayl Grayson and Daughter Nia Pointing

After coming upon a series of videos called Tell Me Why while searching for entertaining educational content for his daughter, Nia, he first thought of the idea of creating Tell Me Who I Am, an animated series in which children would learn history and science by actually becoming the historical role models they learned about. Learning about accomplishments in history and science in a fun and entertaining way and seeing themselves connected to that history and science would motivate and inspire them to succeed, he believed. The Tell Me Who I Am series concept thus was born.

He began building a production team and spent the next eight years, in his spare time, developing the story concept, creating characters, conducting research, hiring writers, writing and rewriting scripts, hiring educational consultants, developing an educational media strategy and methodology aimed at certain learning styles and ultimately investing $1.5 million of his own money to develop, produce, manufacture and market the pilot episode.

With the growth of digital video and global streaming, we have decided it is now time to relaunch Tell Me Who I Am in the form of a 13 episode series to enlighten children throughout the world.  We hope you will support us in this historic effort.  

Nia & Kwame