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Tell Me Who I Am: The Journey Begins DVD

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An inspiring, exciting and adventurous animated story about the time travel adventures of Princess Nia and her comically-clever sidekick Funzi who are plotting a return to 14th Century Timbuktu to rescue Nia's parents.  This award-winning, critically-acclaimed family movie teaches positive values, history and science.

In this first episode, Nia, a courageous young princess from 14th Century Timbuktu, and her magical friend Funzi the Fuzzwuzz, barely escape an attack by the evil wizard, Komo. Their journey in a pyramid-shaped time ship takes them to 21st century America where they meet Kwame and Manny--two boys trying desperately to stay focused on a class science project. The kids learn a game called Tell Me Who I Am, which they use to outsmart the evil Komo, to keep him from stealing the treasured Imhotep medallion Nia has vowed to protect! Tell Me Who I Am contains music children love, messages parents appreciate and quality entertainment the whole family will enjoy. Featuring Camille Winbush (The Bernie Mac Show and The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Nia, the late Brock Peters (Roots II and Star Trek VI) as the voice of Imhotep and Bumper Robinson (A Different World and Living Single) as the voice of Funzi.

“Refreshing...positive messages and images.” -Today’s Black Woman Radio Show.

"Great…I’m proud of this video!" -Tom Joyner Morning Show.

“Edutainment has gone to the next level with Tell Me Who I Am.” -Essence Magazine.



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