Princess Nia 18" Doll - Special Limited Edition Gift Pack - Pre-Order (Shipped July 2018)

$299.00 each

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An 18" play and fashion doll based on the main character from the Tell Me Who I Am animated series. This is a special gift pack pre-order of the Princess Nia doll available only to the first 500 buyers, who are guaranteed priority to receive  the doll first as they are shipped.  Fulfillment will occur after completion of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  Shipping is July 2018.   

This special limited edition gift pack pre-order includes:

  • Princess Nia Doll (including medallion, dress, shoes, headband)
  • A second exclusive clothing outfit in bright green and orange colors available only to the 500 gift-pack buyers
  • A second medallion with human child size necklace for the doll owner to wear
  • Doll officially numbered as one of First 500  
  • Official booklet detailing Princess Nia's back story, mission, geography, culture and a brief history of her people, the Dogon of western Mali, and the great civilization of Timbuktu complete with official company seal
  • Child's name permanently on our website as one of the official first owner's of the Princess Nia doll
  • Special gift box  
  • One year free subscription to stream Tell Me Who I Am 13 episode animated series once it is released 

Princess Nia is unlike any doll you have ever seen.  She is a beautiful chocolate brown doll with big brown eyes, naturally curly real human hair that can be styled, combed, braided into Nia's traditional African hairstyle from the series, unbraided, worn in an afro, press and curled, or even washed and conditioned just like the natural hair of many young African American girls and girls of color who will love spending hours playing with her.  Princess Nia brings pride and self-esteem to girls of African descent worldwide and encourages an appreciation for cultural diversity in all children.

Princess Nia  is poseable at the shoulders, hips and neck, made of vinyl except for her cuddly soft cloth torso, and can hold certain items in her hands. She comes with a custom made version of the treasured Imhotep  medallion from the animated story.  The medallion can also be worn by a child or adult with a longer necklace or worn on a different doll. 

The regular edition Nia Doll  without the gift pack will first be made available with the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the 13 episode animated series.

For girls 3 and up. 




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